Can we speak on the phone?

Phone Policy

Regrettably, no. I work exclusively by email and am unavailable by phone.

Having an email to reference is a critical part of my organization process. My workload is very high and I need to multitask between many different people and tasks. Because it can be insanely difficult keeping track of everyone, I rely heavily on previous email exchanges to help me remember the details of a given project, support request or sales inquiry. 

The other reason is that my office is at home and I have two very active/demanding children. My days can be unpredictable and I often need to adjust my schedule around family responsibilities. My youngest is autistic, so our home environment can also get ridiculously chaotic and noisy.  I've learned to deal with this, but it would be an embarrassing and unworkable situation while trying to speak to a client on the phone. The little amount of quiet time I do get without distraction is highly valuable to me and used to get the majority of my creative work done.

I understand that my 'no phone' policy is an inconvenience and realize that some people won't be comfortable working with someone they can't contact by phone. I do apologize for this, but will be staying firm on this policy for now.  This article outlines the only exception I have with regards to speaking by phone.

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