Have an emergency?  Read guidelines below so I can help as quickly as possible.

Ticket Subject Requirements

Emergency tickets MUST be sent to one of the support email addresses & contain one of the following words in the subject line for it to get routed to my cell phone:

  • 911
  • Emergency

If you forgot to add one of the words above, go ahead and submit a new ticket.

WHAT Qualifies As An Emergency

An emergency is something that prevents you from conducting business (website being down, email not working or a serious security breach that compromises your identity).

Because I handle 911 tickets as soon as I see them, regardless of whether or not it's during my down time - PLEASE DO NOT submit an emergency ticket for something that isn't really an emergency.

Changing out site photos, making non-critical updates to your site or anything else that you could temporarily work around until I'm available during normal business hours should NOT be submitted as emergencies.

If You Need Your Site Offline ASAP

Go to the 'Settings' area of VedaCMS and look for the option which allows you to take the site offline. In newer versions of VedaCMS, it's in the 'Website & Security Settings' area.

Turnaround Times:

If Server Goes Offline:

Will Be Fixed ASAP By Datacenter
All of my hosting servers are monitored 24/7 by the datacenters I lease them from & pay extra to for management services. If a server goes down, they will automatically take steps to restore it once they detect it's offline. In most cases, it should be fixed within 15-30 minutes unless it's a more serious issue (ie: hardware failure)

Other Types of Emergencies

You should receive a response from me within 24 hours.
The only exception is if I'm on vacation or offline for more than a couple of days due to illness or scheduled time off.

Please know that I will make every effort to take care of your emergency as soon as I can. However, please keep the following in mind:

  • I'm a Freelancer & Work Alone
    Aside from a single assistant who works for me 3 days a week, I run my business alone. I am not a large company & cannot be available 24/7 to clients. I have a family. I sleep. I take vacations & days off. I typically put in a minimum of 60 hours of week for my business, so when I actually DO take time off...I try to avoid my computer completely to let my brain reset. I usually check mail at least once a day on my off days, but not always (ie: if I'm in a remote area with no cell service).

  • Do Not Spam My Inbox or Help Desk within first 24 hours
    If you've submitted a 911 ticket and I don't respond right away, it's because I haven't seen it yet or am not in a situation where I can fix it (ie: such as  being away from my office & work files). I take care of emergency tickets AS SOON AS I SEE THEM & HAVE ACCESS TO WORK FILS.
    Sending dozens of emails/tickets/texts within those first 24 hours DOES NOT help me see it faster. In fact, it SLOWS DOWN the process because I have to read through everything to see if you sent additional information. A 2nd ticket within 6-12 hours is ok if you're worried, but please give me up to 24 hours & be sure to check the current availability section on my contact page to see if I'm out of town.


If You Don't Receive A Reply Within 24 Hours

In the very rare case that you don't get a response within 24 hours, you can try contacting me through any of the following methods:

  • Google Hangouts: [email protected]
    Am almost always signed in unless away from my desk or phone

  • Text: 585.205.TARA (585.205.8272)
    (MUST have a corresponding ticket submitted for me to reference & respond to. Please don't use this number for anything but emergencies, as I don't answer calls here or work over the phone)

  • Skype: vedadesigns
    Can usually be reached here if I'm at my desk.
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