October 2015 Support Availability Change:

Unfortunately, it appears as if my assistant Liz has quit - as it's been over four weeks since she's last checked in or logged into the help desk. Because she's been handling the majority of support work for me over the last year & didn't provide any notice that she'd be quitting, I'm afraid non-critical support requests will be significantly delayed until I can find a replacement or adjust my schedule to allow for more time in the help desk.

My assistant Christine is still helping out where she can with tickets, but because she lacks the development experience that Liz had, please understand she will only be able to assist with basic changes.

Until I can find a replacement or adjust my development calendar to allow for more time in the help desk, I'm reverting back to the support schedule I offered prior to hiring Liz two years ago, which is where I had one day a week reserved to work on tickets from past design clients.

If I'm unable to find a suitable replacement for Liz by the end of November (which is how far I'm currently booked out), I'll have Christine eliminate one or two of my open booking spots each month so I can fit in an extra day for support each week.

Thanks for your understanding & apologies for the inconvenience.


Christine (My Assistant):

Christine monitors the help desk a few hours every day (Monday - Friday) and routes tickets to me if the request needs technical assistance or development work. She typically works night shift hours, but also checks in during the day on and off throughout the week. 

What She Handles:
Christine has limited development/design experience, so she's unable to personally take on tickets that require more technical assistance or development work. However, she still helps out tremendously by answering basic questions, providing CMS usage instructions, assisting clients with editor updates they have trouble with and many other types of basic requests. 

Me (Tara):

I reserve one day a week to work on non-critical support tickets & change requests, though emergency tickets are handled as soon as I see them.



Tickets are prioritized by the date submitted and how critical in nature the problem is. Support to all clients is a priority, but please understand I can't guarantee immediate availability or provide same day turnarounds on non-critical requests.

Typical wait times vary depending on how many tickets are currently queued in the help desk, but a MINIMUM of 4-7 business days should be expected for a follow-up unless it's a serious issue.

To avoid waiting, search the Knowledge Base to see if your question is already answered or it's a task you can do yourself.

When To Expect Slower Turnarounds:

Although we try our best to minimize delays, the following events usually result in a backlog of tickets and slower turnaround times:

  • Major US Holidays, vacation or time taken off due to illness (both during and for a limited amount of time after)
  • Technical difficulties or any other atypical emergency/issue that puts me behind on my normal schedule because of the time needed to fix/resolve the issue

When To Expect Little or No Availability:

Although it varies, please don't expect availability during the following times:

  • Weekends or US Holidays
  • Upcoming scheduled time off shown on our contact & support pages.


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